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Metal Pipe Network

We specialize in blockage removal services for commercial properties, restaurants, apartments, offices and more...

  • Everything not draining? We can clear a main line stoppage and get your business running blockage free.

  • Kitchen, hand sink, or floor drains- bars, salons, restaurants, etc. We can snake the line and get your drains running water smoothly.

  • Toilets - Let's get those customers into a clean restroom again. If your toilet has a clog we can auger the trap and remove the "do not use" sign from the door. 

  • Laundry - If you have a small business that does laundry and water keeps coming up from the 2" pipe we can run our cable in the line and clear the blockage.

CLOG PUNISHER - sink.jpg
CLOG PUNISHER - Dishwashing Machine.jpg
CLOG PUNISHER - Pipe Clog.jpg
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