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Washing Hands

We specialize in blockage removal services for residential properties...

  • Slow drainage in the kitchen, bathroom sink, tub, or showers - This is typically caused over time by a buildup of residue from hair, soap scum, cast iron scale, etc. We clear the clog and restore normal drainage speed!

  • Toilet clogged but everything else drains fine - This means there is a clog in the trap of the toilet. We auger the trap to restore normal function to the trap and waste line.

  • Gurgling noises in the toilet when water is draining - There is a blockage present in your sewer line. We bust up the blockage and get your toilet running smoothly. 

  • Water backing up into your drains or overflowing when using the toilet - This is another troubling symptom of a blocked sewer line which we can also clear.

  • Washing machine backing up, but everything else drains fine - This means there is a blockage in the 2" drain line. The buildup actually causes the water to be blocked, where it is forced back up into your laundry room! This can lead to mold and mildew buildup if not addressed promptly. We clear this and you can clean your clothes in peace once again!

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